Innovation Award – Winner: MULTI

Michael Cesarz
thyssenkrupp, Cologne

Markus Jetter
Head of Research & Innovation Center Rottweil
thyssenkrupp, Stuttgart

Liberating the Elevator from Ropes

MULTI – the world’s first and only rope-less, sideways-moving elevator – ushers in the end of the 160-year reign of rope-dependent elevators, harnessing the power of linear motor technology to move multiple cars in a single shaft vertically and horizontally. MULTI requires fewer and smaller shafts than conventional elevators and can increase a building’s usable area by up to 25 percent, adding rentable/leasable space. Instead of one cabin per shaft moving up and down, MULTI offers multiple cabins operating in loop, much like a metro system inside a building.

This results in a higher transport capacity – up to 50 percent – as well as reduced waiting times for passengers (an elevator cabin is now available every 15 to 30 seconds). MULTI also requires dramatically lower peak power by as much as 60 percent when compared to conventional elevator systems, which allows for better management of a building’s energy needs, and reduces investment costs in the power supply infrastructure.

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