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Michael Cesarz
CEO MULTI, thyssenkrupp Elevator
Markus Jetter
Head of Research & Innovation Center Rottweil, thyssenkrupp

Session Summary

In the Innovation Part II session, chaired by Robert Halvorson, Global Head of Structures/Executive Vice President, WSP, audience members were privy to presentations that liberated common pieces of supporting technology from their previously associated constraints. A tuned liquid column gas damper was divorced from its reputation as a heavy, costly piece of equipment by Hans Utz, Cofounder & Partner, The Combine, with his presentation on “Hummingbird,” a lightweight tuned column damper that manages occupant comfort from a smaller footprint than conventional mass dampers, maximizing usable floor space for owners, occupiers and tenants. In a presentation entitled “A Lightweight Motion Control Device Takes Wing: Hummingbird - Tuned Liquid Column Gas Damper”, Utz charismatically detailed why the Hummingbird is that much more efficient. For example, 100 percent of the water mass in the Hummingbird is active, and it can be tuned in days, rather than weeks, Utz said.

The next presentation came from Albert Williamson-Taylor, Director of AKTII, who talked about the origins of the Lean Core + Prefab Blade Wall System and how it emerged from a simple, yet challenging, prompt to create a new high-rise typology that was slim and suited for affordable housing. The Lean Core system was revolutionary in the way that it mobilized walls as outriggers, instead of building in dedicated outrigger floors, saving money, time and material, Williamson-Taylor said.

Audience members were then treated to an entertaining presentation on MULTI, one of the globe’s most buzzed-about pieces of elevator technology, which has been likened to the fictional Willy Wonka’s glass elevator that could travel in all directions. Michael Cesarz, CEO MULTI, Thyssenkrupp, and Markus Jetter, Head of Product Development at ThyssenKrupp, both included video clips, photography and diagrams to demonstrate the full breadth of what MULTI, their new magnetically-propelled, ropeless elevator, can do for skyscraper efficiency. These effects include freeing up designers from constraining their designs to accommodate multiple vertical elevator shafts; a nearly 25 percent increase in usable building areas due to smaller and fewer shafts in general, and the ability to greatly increase office efficiency by slashing wait times and winnowing vertical transportation networks down to respond more accurately to peak and off-peak times. “MULTI is like a merger between a train and an elevator using linear motor technology,” said Cesarz. “In terms of frequency and routes, we can create the equivalent of highways and city roads in the shaft of an elevator.”

At the end of the evening, MULTI was awarded the 2018 CTBUH Tall Building Innovation Award.

To round out the session, attendees learned about the TallWood House at Brock Commons in Vancouver, Canada, the current tallest hybrid timber-concrete building in the world. The project engineer, Robert Jackson, Project Engineer, Fast+Epp, explained how efficient and quick Two-way Point-Supported Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) is. By using the five-ply CLT floor panels, point-supported by glue-laminated timber (GLT) columns, builders could eliminate traditional post-and-beam construction, significantly reducing labor-intensive connections and boosting efficiency, Jackson said.

Session Photo Gallery

Albert Williamson-Taylor, Director, AKTII, details how a challenge to build a new high-rise typology suited for affordable housing resulted in revolutionary structural strides.
Michael Cesarz, CEO MULTI, thyssenkrupp, and Markus Jetter, Head of Product Development, thyssenkrupp, present on the world’s first rope-less elevator technology, MULTI, the winner of the Innovation Award.
Session Chair Robert Halvorson, Global Head of Structures/Executive Vice President, WSP, offers introductory remarks in the Innovation: Part II session.
Attendees listen intently to the session speakers from Innovation: Part II.
Hans Utz, Cofounder & Partner, The Combine, tells the audience why the hummingbird tuned liquid column gas damper makes strides in compactness and efficiency.
Markus Jetter, Head of Product Development, thyssenkrupp, gives a detailed explanation of how MULTI, the world's first ropeless elevator, is able to provide a sizable increase in usable building area.
Robert Jackson, Project Engineer, Fast+Epp, explains how Two-Way Point Supported Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) eliminated labor-intensive post-and-beam connections at TallWood House.
From left: Michael Cesarz, CEO MULTI, thyssenkrupp; Markus Jetter, Head of Product Development, thyssenkrupp; Hans Utz, Cofounder & Partner, The Combine; Robert Jackson, Project Engineer, Fast+Epp; Robert Halvorson, Global Head of Structures/Executive Vice President, WSP; Albert Williamson-Taylor, Director, AKTII.