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Kemmy Tan
M+S Pte. Ltd, Singapore

Martin Reuter
Managing Director
ingenhoven architects,

Advances in Performance Based Seismic Design for Complex and Critical Facilities

This presentation will discuss the progress in seismic design as enabled by the advances in computational power and revolution in commercial cloud computing. As computational power has advanced, so have the building codes evolved to permit the use of non-linear time history analysis to meet building code requirements.

Using multiple design projects in high seismic zones over the course of 30 years, the presentation will overview the main structural design and computational challenges of the project and of the time. The presentation will then describe in more detail recent performance based seismic design projects undertaken in the Los Angeles area and what the advances in computation and cloud platforms have enabled the project teams to accomplish from a structural, schedule and client requirements perspective. Using this design and computational journey with on-going projects as a backdrop, we will describe our evolving cloud computing architecture and how it has enabled previously costly and time consuming non-linear analysis to be used significantly earlier in the design process with the aim of delivering greater cost and seismic performance certainty. We will also describe the lessons learnt in our multi-cloud and simulation journey as the analysis needs of more our complex projects dramatically increased in recent years.

The presentation will lastly speculate on how continued advances in computation, material modeling and cloud architectures will help our profession deliver architecturally complex structures and critical facilities in high seismic zones with greater certainty.

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