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Wanling Lee
Development Manager
Far East Organization, Singapore

Hong Wei Phua
WOHA Architects, Singapore

Mass Timber Construction: Innovations for a Sustainable Future

Energy use and carbon emissions from the built environment have been gaining significant attention worldwide. The construction of buildings across the world is currently dominated by concrete, but production of cement, a primary ingredient in concrete, is a major source of pollution, producing a ton of CO2 for every ton of cement. One approach to reducing the environmental impacts of construction involves increasing the use of materials with lower environmental footprints, such as wood. The development of Engineered Wood Products (EWP) was in part a response to those challenges, while at the same time allowing a more efficient use of raw materials. EWPs are manufactured to targeted structural properties. New EWPs, such as Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) and other Mass Timber product, have increased the possibilities of building with wood. Thanks to these developments, wood can now be used where once materials like steel or concrete were the only options, such as high-rise construction and long-span applications. In her presentation, Dr. Laguarda-Mallo will explore how the advances in Mass Timber construction are shifting the architecture narrative towards prefabricated, efficient, sustainable buildings. She will be presenting the evolution of these innovative materials and discussing how these new products are shaping the way architects, engineers and contractor are designing and building. This session is catered towards architects and designers, engineers, contractors and construction firms, developers and owners, consultants, and academics, interested in learning more about Mass Timber and its future in the U.S. market, or are thinking about adopting this technology in future projects.

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