Best Tall Building Europe – Award of Excellence: Canaletto, London

Aref Lahham
Founder and Managing Director
Orion City Road Trustee Limited, London

Sander Versluis
Senior Architect
UNStudio, Amsterdam

Then,Now,Tomorrow - The changing face of Sydney's Barangaroo

In 1969 the Sydney Harbour foreshore area of Barangaroo was in rapid decline, connecting infrastructure was failing to service the once vibrant epicentre of Sydney’s shipping industry and meet the growth requirements of the burgeoning Sydney City.

Fast forward 50 years and Barangaroo is experiencing one of the most significant urban renewal projects in Australia’s history. The masterplan includes:

• Office space for 24,000 permanent employees.
• Home to 3,500 residents.
• Barangaroo will be Australia’s first large scale carbon neutral community.
• The construction of a metro line and station will connect Barangaroo to the greater Sydney area in a way never experienced by Sydney commuters.
• A new ferry terminal will maintain the historical connection to Sydney Harbour.
• Directly adjacent, a newly constructed Entertainment centre enhances the precinct as a cultural hub.

On completion, Barangaroo will serve as home to seven tall buildings (four of which exceed 200m, including Sydney’s tallest building, Crown Tower), a 6-hectare cultural recreational space and Australia’s first timber commercial buildings. Below ground the development is just as impressive with many of the tall buildings connected by common basements sunk deep into Sydney harbour and founded on contaminated fill that has required the implementation of construction techniques unique to the Sydney market.

Barangaroo is Sydney’s example of how smarter, greener and more efficient skyscrapers can be integrated within cities to create urban habitats that directly rejuvenate the way people live and work. This presentation describes in detail the Barangaroo development and how the functionality of the Sydney city has responded, whilst also peering into the future to see what the next 50 years holds for this incredible development.

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