Urban Habitat Award – Award of Excellence: SOHO Fuxing Plaza, Shanghai

Cindy Cao
Director of Design
SOHO China, Beijing

Stephan Rewolle
Associate Partner
von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects, Beijing

High Rise Scandinavia - The History and Future of Tall Buildings in the Nordics

The Scandinavian High-Rise Development Boom is now officially in full swing. While the Nordics have been relatively slow and late adopter of tall buildings, in the past 5-years we have seen incredible acceleration of growth and interest in high rise with over 20-30 schemes in planning or under construction in the key urban centres and capital cities.

In parallel with this local growth there is a striking rise of Scandinavian architecture as an export designing many landmark high-rise buildings around the world (New York, Toronto, Sydney etc..).

Great high-rise developments are all about context. Good Tall building design is a reflection and expression of the values of the community. This presentation will explore the history of high rise in Nordics as well as the economic and social drivers that are shaping the future growth of the typology in the region. The presentation will also study unique technical challenges faced by developers and designers to create successful tall building developments in the Nordics.

This presentation will also explore the key aspects of Nordic high-rise design as export and the impact it has on shaping the values of sustainability and community in our future cities.

The presentation will highlight case studies of the key historical Nordic high-rise projects (Turning Torso, Bella Sky etc..) as well as the new tall buildings under planning and construction (Bestseller Tower, Trigoni Helsinki etc..). The presentation will also present some examples of great buildings being designed by Scandinavian architects world-wide.

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