Urban Habitat Award – Award of Excellence: SKYPARK, Hong Kong

Edwin Chi Wai Chan
Senior Project Director
New World Development, Hong Kong

Janette Wan Ming Chan
Group Director
P & T Group, Hong Kong

Unlocking the power of Digital Twins for the built world. Case study featuring Willow & thyssenkrupp

Willow, a technology company that specialises in the creation of digital twins for buildings and infrastructure, has collaborated with thyssenkrupp Elevator and Microsoft to create a digital replica of thyssenkrupp’s Innovations Test Tower in Rottweil Germany. The solution integrates hundreds of sources of data to revolutionise building performance and efficiency for both operators and tenants – from maintenance, to resource utilisation, to energy efficiency and beyond – all whilst improving the ways people experience the building. This industry first solution collects and integrates data from across the 246-meter tower by developing an intelligent digital twin of the asset, turning the building into a rich ecosystem of data-driven insights. The technology helps operators and asset managers understand how tenants are using a building.

By creating a digital replica of the building, Willow collects and integrates hundreds of sources of data from individual proprietary systems to provide a single view, creating actionable insight of the tower through a visually intuitive software platform, accessible by all levels of the asset management in real time. The Willow Twin can also benefit from the data collected by the predictive maintenance system thyssenkrupp MAX, which is already connecting and analysing data from over 120,000 elevators in Germany, the US, Korea and Spain, predicting and managing the assets performance and availability, and reducing elevator downtime by half.

This session will explore the evolution from traditional BIM to develop an intelligent and dynamic replica of the asset called a Digital Twin and the benefits it unlocks for stakeholders across the asset lifecycle.

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