Innovation Award – Award of Excellence: Timber Construction at Tallwood House, Vancouver

Robert Jackson
Project Engineer
Fast+Epp, Vancouver


Modular high-rise building is currently one of the trends in the market: the construction industry is ready for high quality prefabricated solutions enhancing construction speed, safety on-site and therefore reducing risk to Clients and developers.

The most critical areas for the application of these solutions are normally authorities approval and viable technological connections between modules.

This presentation presents the design for a 3D concrete precast modular high-rise apartment block up to 40 storeys.

The modular system is a six-sided precast concrete PPVC system, where concrete panels can be formed with robotic welding and casting and then are connected by bolts and automatically assembled together by robots offsite at the assembly yard prior to delivery or installation on site.

The proposed Lateral Force Resisting System is a hybrid system which utilizes frame action and walls incorporated in the 3D modular units as well as using the household shelter and vertical central cores to resist the lateral loads induced by wind and seismic actions.

In a collaborative team of architects, engineers and contractor we have produced for our Client a comprehensive design for Singapore Building Innovation Panel process leading to standard certification.

We have adopted a newly patented connection for the modules previously tested on low rise building up to 8 storeys and evaluated additional requirement for taller structures.

To further justify the viability of the scheme, a design by testing strategy has been adopted carrying out local and global test checking structural and fire capabilities.

The presentation covers the concept, calculation, challenges and lesson learnt faced in this highly innovative construction typology.

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