Innovation Award – Winner: MULTI

Michael Cesarz
thyssenkrupp Elevator, Essen

Markus Jetter
Head of Research & Innovation Center Rottweil
thyssenkrupp, Stuttgart


With almost 150 200 m+ high rise building being completed every year, the industry is receiving a huge amount of data related to buildings. Not only in terms of design itself but also in terms of performance: sensors send data just like Client and user give feedbacks.

This presentation explores a series of case study where an integrated design process has been developed.

First step is to create an extensive data bank from existing projects: benchmarking is necessary establishing a series of items that define each project evolution.
From early stage of the project, the team together with the Client selects a series of Key Performance Indicator and a dashboard is put in place to keep track of those.
Process focus 100% on delivering value for the business case: reduction of building cost, faster construction, added value and efficiency of the building are just a few examples. Each project will have specific requirements why KPIs must be carefully selected.
Every stage of the project, a comparison of the different schemes is carried out in which scoring of the various option makes it easier to select the preferred solution to continue the design.

This procedure highlights benefits for the consultant offering a more honest and transparent design that keeps track of all solutions explored. On the other hand, it is a great advantage for the Client to feel protagonist of the project steps and hence enabling making informed choices and being on top of the project during its evolution.

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