Innovation Award – Award of Excellence: Lean Core + Prefab Blade Wall System

Albert Williamson-Taylor
AKTII, London

Lifting Elevators into the Cloud – Detection of Wear using Intelligent Sensors

Immediate availability of elevators and escalators is of immense and increasing importance to the dynamic and fast-growing vertical construction of cities. Until now, this availability had to be bought with the shortest possible service intervals and thus a higher and higher financial outlay. This is changing because of increasingly intelligent diagnostic systems, which can and will schedule maintenance as it is needed before an unexpected break down. Condition Monitoring Systems for elevators that go beyond a mere display of stored faults or counter readings are hard to find in the elevator and escalator market. Only a few systems currently available allow the monitoring of significant components of an elevator and/or escalator system and are able to ensure that wear is detected at an early stage and appropriate servicing recommendations are automatically generated. A very real and effective predictive maintenance of elevators and escalators is possible! This reality can and will save huge resources (time and money) and deliver a high availability of these “people moving” systems. Especially for retrofitting of existing units; an intelligent device is needed. One that does NOT need communication to the elevator/escalator controller is an additional and very large benefit. Within the context of a field trial, several elevator systems worldwide have been equipped with an IoT-device (Internet of Things) which evaluates every single elevator ride of a monitored elevator using intelligent algorithms. The wear of individual component groups is being detected. The collected data, resulting messages and alerts are transmitted automatically via the internet by a standard protocol into a cloud, where extended big data analysis is done.

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